Friday, October 5, 2012

A Study in Vocaloid: Colorful x Sexy

Few things in life satisfy like an inspired cover of an already incredible song, especially when the cover takes the tone of a 1920s swing jazz number.

Vocaloid producer OSTER-P accomplished just this when he covered his own Colorful x Melody - a duet between Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin -  and turned it into Colorful x Sexy.  Taking the upbeat pop anthem down to a more sultry level required a shift in voices, so he recast Miku with Megruine Luka and swapped out Rin for the first Japanese Vocaloid, Meiko.

The end result is a cover song every bit as infectious as Colorful x Melody with a slightly campier, yet more sophisticated vibe...

...although 'cover' may not be the correct word, as both songs appeared on the same game (Project Diva Extend) so perhaps it's more fair to treat Colorful x Sexy as a reprisal.

The lyrics for Colorful x Sexy are neither particularly colorful nor sexy, so just try to enjoy the song for what the music behind it:

If I can tell you of my love, would it be good?

The feelings that I have now
Red? Blue? White? How vague it is
If I'm going to love you g
reater than anyone in this world

will it be nice?

Always, two people together, for the longest time,
That’s my selfish desire.

Finding a digital copy of the song with clean audio can be a bit difficult, but it's not altogether impossible. If you're more enterprising, you can always extract the audio from the youtube video.