Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Denny's to unveil a new Hobbit-themed menu. Bring on the diabetic coma!

It's a well-known fact that Hobbits will indulge in second breakfasts, but one would (safely) assume that their voracious appetites are not without some standards.

Denny's is betting against that assumption and hopes to lure those with a Hobbit-sized hunger to their tables with a new menu inspired by the lands of Middle Earth. More specifically, the menu is a tie-in with Peter Jackson's upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and is crammed full of sugary goodness.

To the credit of Denny's, the chain is trying something new and isn't simply hanging names like "Triple Troll Fried Steak" or  "Gollum's Gobble Melt" on their menu standards. Rather, they are bringing back some simple - if hearty - menu favorites alongside a handful of new Hobbit-themed items to celebrate the love of food shared by all shiredwellers.

If you were hoping for Lembas bread or red meat served on the bone, you will - unfortunately - be disappointed by what's on The Hobbit Menu.

Outside of "Hobbit Harvest Pies" which can be added on to their value menu items like Spicy Cowboy Chopped Steak, Denny's is rolling out "Lonely Mountain Treasure" (nine squares of Seed Cake French Toast) and "Radagast's Red Velvet Pancake Puppies" which are fried pancake balls stuffed with white chocolate chips.

Both the Pancake Puppies and Lonely Mountain Treasure come with a side of cream cheese icing to ensure that you'll have full-blown Type II Diabetes by the time the second Hobbit movie is released in 2013.

Also new to the menu are  "Bilbo's Berry Smoothie" and the "Lone-Lands Campfire Cookie Milkshake" leading one to question a Hobbit's ability to understand proper glucose levels and the nutritional guidelines recommended by the FDA.

Click on the menu to see the larger size

Denny's will unveil The Hobbit Menu on November 6th and plans to continue it until sometime in January - or until the last of their customers collapses to the floor in pancreatic shock.