Friday, October 12, 2012

Dress up your dog as Hatsune Miku for Halloween (yes, it can be done!)

If you had asked me what the cutest and geekiest dog Halloween costume on the internet was two days ago, I would have replied - without hesitation - the white trash cardboard and beer can Star Trek Enterprise.  But times change and the internet rarely stands still, especially where pets and geek interests are concerned.

The two came together magically in a recent Nico Nico Douga video which was submitted as an entrant to their 5th annual "Handicraft Festival".  And this video details the steps necessary to transform an ordinary - if adorable - dog into the digital diva of Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku herself!

Clearly, the pooch's patience is being tested but the owner and commenters seem to be enjoying themselves (Japanese webslang 101: W, WW, or WWWWWW is the JP equivalent of 'lol').  All giddiness of the Miku Dog costume aside, the owner created some rather intricate patterns to recreate Miku's pleated skirt and teal tie (which they actually tied) in miniature form.

Heck, even her signature detached sleeves are actually detached sleeves with plush arms stuck in them to complete the look:

Jests about the pooch's patience aside, the dog actually looks quite unphased by the costume in the video and even cavorts towards its owner when called. This is probably because the dog in question knows just how lucky he is to not be wearing an adorable, teal twin-tailed wig made specially for him by his owner.

No matter how cute the wig, I don't think I'd ever try and slip it on my dog's head if I was on the receiving end of this stare down..

With a little less than three weeks left until Halloween, the only question I'm facing now is whether I can swing a Megurine Luka costume for Momo by then...
Via: RocketNews24