Friday, October 19, 2012

Games of Thrones goes nerdcore with this House Baratheon rap

This is both relevant and canon, I promise.

It's been a long time since I've posted any sort of parody hip hop here.  Sure, there have been plenty of  geeky rap acts like Professor Elemental, Mega Ran, and Adam WarRock between now and then, but pure parody hip hop has been much more scarce.

This is mostly because a good, geeky rap remix has to overcome the mountain of dross on YouTube that claims to be quality fan-made hip hop.  Bad examples of this unfortunate genre are legion, while good examples are far more difficult to find.

Three Game of Thrones fans recently uploaded an amazingly well-executed remix of Wiz Khalifa's Black & Yellow to YouTube and dedicated it to the three brothers of House Baratheon (whose house heraldry is a black stag on a yellow field).

The end result is a pitch-perfect parody rap that is every bit as geeky as it is catchy.  If you consider yourself a fan of the Song of Ice and Fire books of the HBO show, then this is the rap that you've been waiting for:

It's unlikely that this great rap will spawn a musical/literary crossover genre like Wizard Rock (Throne Core?), but it's well worth listening to regardless.

As an added bonus, the three guys responsible for this catchy song have put the mp3 up on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.  So, if you're looking to drop some George R.R. Martin beats from your speakers this weekend (and who isn't?), download away and unleash your inner Throny.