Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's dangerous to go alone, take these Legend of Zelda Wallpapers!

When The Legend of Zelda first came to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 with all of its golden cartridge glory, the simple game ignited a sense of primordial adventure in gamers young and old.

While there wasn't much plot past the usual "save the princess" trope, everything about the game from its music to its open-world exploration style resonated with a visceral part of the human spirit that craves the chance to set out in the world in a Bilbo Bagginsian manner and see all that can be seen.

For this same reason, the Link's signature sword and shield soon came to occupy a fond place in the hearts of gamers across the world, serving as tangible reminders of the fundamentally epic grandeur of the series.

Deviant Artist BLUEamnesiac recognized the power behind Link's iconic weaponry, and decided to catalog them all in a high-quality wallpaper because... why not?

The wallpaper in question traces the various swords used by Hyrule's favorite hero across the 14 main games of the series.  BLUEamnesiac stepped outside of canon with a few of the older 8- and 16-bit blades as he embellished them past their original, pixelated appearance, but such indulgence should be forgiven given the gorgeous detail of the end result.

If you're interested in using this amazing wallpaper on your own desktop (who wouldn't be?) a link to the uncompressed 3200 x 2000 image file can be found here.

And before you ask, yes - there's a corresponding wallpaper tracing the evolution of Link's shields as well...

... as with the swords, an uncompressed, honkin' huge version of the shield image is also available.

While I was never keen on the Lobster design in Phantom Hourglass (also reprised in Spirit Tracks!) it does stand out nicely from the familiar blue Hylian crest design seen in almost every game since A Link to the Past.