Monday, October 1, 2012

Knights of Badassdom may have a release window... sort of

The summer of 2012 has come and gone without a theatrical (or DVD) release of the epic-looking movie Knights of Badassdom - the LARPcentric film that combines the talents of Danny Pudi (Community), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) along with Summer Glau (Firefly).  IMDB has shifted the release date from "Spring of 2012" to "2012", and the film's Facebook Page has been eerily silent since May.

None of that bodes particularly well for the prospects of the project, especially given the last, ominous bit of news to surface about the state of the movie...

It turns out that the delay mentioned back in May is most likely legitimate. In early September, a post appeared on Dread Central cataloging the efforts of one journalist's attempt to figure out what's going on.  A tweet to the film's director, Joe Lynch, returned an equally ominous "Nothing more than 'Coming Soon', sorry! But feel free to contact IndieVest Pictures, it's in their hands."

When said journalist called IndieVest, he received a more concrete answer.  The film is in post-production, and will see a release in "the first half of 2013."  Unfortunately, it wasn't clarified whether that would be a wide or limited release, but it's still (slightly) encouraging news all the same.

So, now with a few more months to wait... fans interested in the film must now ask themselves if the wait will be worth it.  If the movie is even half as awesome as the trailer makes it out to be, the answer will be yes:

...very yes.