Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lloyd the Conqueror is a LARP movie worth getting excited over

As a very specific portion of the world waits with bated breath for the release of Knights of Badassdom, another LARP movie is gearing up for a 2013 US release.

Lloyd the Conqueror is a small independent comedy currently earning acclaim in Canada for its wit, style, and brilliant use of the underrated comedic actor Brian Posehn.  Similar in feel to Unicorn City (which, by the way, is available to buy or stream now) or Role Models before it, Lloyd the Conqueror stars a group of unlucky protagonists who fall into LARPing through a series of unfortunate life events.

In this case, three college students are faced with a failing grade in English and are given the chance to earn extra credit for the course by joining their professor's LARP faction.  Once on board, they realize the world of LARPing is being threatened by a domineering jerk (somewhere between Ken Jeong's mercurial tyrant from Role Models and that genuine jerk from Darkon) and they must band together to save it.

The plot of the movie is nothing that hasn't been seen before, and it starts to feel familiar when the hot, ass-kicking female love interest is introduced, but the trailer shows a good amount of comedy, polish, and execution behind the premise.

...and it also has a dude dressed in a unicorn hoodie.  What more could you ask for?

I have no idea when - or if - this will see a theatrical release outside of Canada, but it was recently aired at Intervention 2012 in Washington, DC... so that's a good sign if you're living south of Toronto and hoping to see this in theaters.

Whether or not this beats Knights of Badassdom to the LARP punchline and box office take is anyone's guess, but it certainly looks like a geek movie worth watching.