Monday, October 8, 2012

Ohio State University's marching band salutes video game music in style

If you're not an OSU Buckeye, there are plenty of reasons to dislike The Ohio State University.  Its football program ranks as one of the most conceited and brash of any in the nation, and its accompanying marching band - which calls itself The Best Damn Band In The Land - is rarely known for its humility.

Much like the storied Buckeye football team, however, TBDBITL has the skill required to call itself The Best Damn marching band in college sports.  They proved this and more over the weekend with an amazing halftime show that served as an early capstone to OSU's crushing 63-38 win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The show featured iconic music from equally iconic video games like Tetris, Super Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Halo, and Pokemon... but what really makes the halftime show stand out are the amazing drills executed by OSU's marching band.

I'm still in awe of how they pulled off the running Epona for the Geruda Valley theme at the 6:00 mark...

To make this even more impressive, the band members received the music and drills on Monday (October 1st) and learned the show in one week.

I very rarely think back on my time in high school marching band with any fondness, but this show made me 100% nostalgic for the time I spent wrapped in a sousaphone.