Wednesday, October 10, 2012

These Game of Thrones wedding rings are romantic, economical

Honeymoons are a harrowing time for newly wedded couples.  As the financial and social stress of their union slowly abate, the couple finds themselves facing a whole new set of problems. 

Regardless of whether their honeymoon is an adventurous one (like a trip 8,500 miles across the world) or more conservative in nature, one question many couples face is whether they should bring their expensive wedding rings along with them.

For geeky couples on the go, wedding band stand-ins like this pair of Game of Thrones inspired aluminum rings - are the perfect solution for the honeymoon ring conundrum.  

You say "Dothraki" like it's a bad thing (source)

Inspired by George R. R. Martin's star-crossed lovers Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, this pair of stamped aluminum rings won't cost you a younger sibling or trio of dragon eggs. Due to the open back of each ring and their economical base material, the set is available for a modest $30.00.

That said,  Daenerys and Drogo's romance might not be the best in the Song of Ice and Fire books to emulate considering that she was sold into the marriage at the age of 14 and neither of them spoke a word of the other's language before he raped her silly they consummated their marriage under the stars.

Still, the romantic and geeky sentiment behind the rings is quite touching. The man's ring reads "My Sun and Stars" while the woman's is stamped with "Moon of my life", recalling the Dothraki pet names that Daenerys and Drogo had for one another.

For those without a wedding ring currently on their fourth digit, the idea of proxy wedding bands might seem a bit silly.  After all, why spend a massive pile of cash a pair of precious rings only to leave them at home - or in a safety deposit box - for the grand adventure of the honeymoon?

The answer to that question, like so many things in marriage, lies in simple pragmatism. It's far easier to explain the loss or maiming of a $15.00 aluminum wedding ring to your spouse then it is to find $1,500 to replace your actual wedding band.

And they say romance is dead...