Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Skyward Sword cake will make you respect the power of fondant

One of the greatest things about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was how it made you fight the enemies.  Harnessing the Wii's motion controls with orgiastic glee, Skyward Sword wasn't content to simply let you cut down hordes of foes with a flailing sword (skyward or otherwise).  

Instead, the game confronted you with a staggering variety of enemies that all had to be dispatched using specific weapons and precise wiimote movements.  One such enemy was the flying, fireball-spewing Furnix which has been immortalized in what could be the coolest cake ever.

Australian LJ user cakecrumbs created this amazing feat of fondant and buttercake as part of a Deviant Art fanart collaboration aimed at glorifying some of the best and most memorable enemies from The Legend of Zelda franchise.  To date, this may well be the most beautiful way to pay homage to a bird that you whip out of the sky and beat to death as it convulses on the ground in front of you in agony and impotent rage.

While most pieces of art submitted to the contest were illustrations (either digital or traditional), cakecrumbs played to her strengths and decided to summon up a Furnix out of sugary confections, and a wire frame.

...from this, cake!

The amount of detail put into this cake is nothing short of staggering. Like most artists, and cakesters, cakecrumbs sunk an uncountable number of hours into the construction of this cake (the wings alone took an estimated 15 hours to complete) and the end result shows it.

For those lucky enough to live in Australia, cakecrumbs does work on a commission basis.  If you're interested, just check out her Deviant Art page for an idea of what she can do.  Or, you can just take a closer look at the amazing detail of the Furnix cake.

This beats the hell out of my famous Mickey Mouse pancakes, that's for sure.