Thursday, November 22, 2012

Be thankful for The Legend of Digital Zelda

Today's Thanksgiving here in the US of A, and there's plenty to be thankful for. Readers like you, health, happiness in general, and this amazing video that retells the classic story of The Legend of Zelda in a computer lab using hand drawn characters:

"The Legend of Digital Zelda" is a modern day Rube Goldberg device of sorts.  It follows Link in his familiar quest to save Zelda from Ganon... only this time Ganon kidnaps Zelda not by magic or guile, but by scanning her into an iMac and running off with her across a suite of Apple products.

Link hops in via a CD and is soon swimming across iPads, sailing The King of Red Lions across various Macbook Pros, and dancing to Gangnam Style with some friendly Gorons. This digital homage to Zelda simply has to be seen to be believed:

Those interested in seeing the magic behind the curtain can check out this supplemental video detailing how the whole thing was made. Those interested in the awesome artwork can download free packs of wallpapers for their desktops, iPads, or iPhones by going to FinalCutKing's website.

Happy Thanksgiving, loyal readers!  And for those of you outside the states, uh, happy Thursday!