Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drinking Quest lets you mix drinking and dorking out in all the right ways

Sometimes the dice just aren't in our favor, other times it's out of pure frustration with the actions of our friends and party members, but no matter what the reason might be the simple fact is thus: all of us have been tempted to drink at game night.

Fortunately, the makers of Drinking Quest know this and have created an entire game around it!

Mixing elements of Munchkin with traditional drinking games like "kings" or "drink the beer", Drinking Quest is a great way to while away an evening in with your fellow geeks as you enjoy a fun RPG and a six-pack of your favorite beer.

Make no mistake about Drinking Quest - it's not simply a tawdry excuse to get plowed while belting out your favorite Monty Python quotes to a room full of fellow gamers (that's what hotel parties at cons are for, after all!), it's a solid, casual-friendly RPG that uses hit points, character sheets, experience points, dice, and everything else you'd possibly want out of a tabletop game.

The game ships with four humorous mini-quests to enjoy, beginning in the Lolevel Forest and continuing on to the piratical "Booze Cruise" adventure.  But don't be too quick to tear up your character sheet if your character should perish along the way - the rules of Drinking Quest stipulate that quickly downing a drink will bring your character back to life (and to keep you from following suit, there's a one resurrection/game limit!)

Those looking to pick up Drinking Quest as a holiday gift might want to order now - the game, and its sequel - ship from the frozen reaches of the north (Toronto) and may take awhile to make their way down to civilization.