Friday, November 16, 2012

Freakyy "The Legacy" gives Nerdcore the showtune treatment

Nerdcore hiphop isn't the easiest genre to break into.  For every Random/Mega Ran, Adam WarRock, and DJ Frontalot, there are a host of aspiring rappers of mixed talent all trying to make a name for themselves.

In this pack of nerdcore aspirants, Freakyy "The Legacy" is one artist who deserves to succeed.

Freakyy's entire purpose for rapping is to give back to the children of his community by spreading the message that it's ok to be a nerd no matter what color your skin is.  Hardly groundbreaking stuff for a nerdcore artist, granted, but given that Freakyy hails from Baltimore, it's a much-needed message for inner city youth to hear.

Freakyy's first single Popular (available for free on SoundCloud) samples no less a song than Wicked's incredibly catchy, Popular and the end result is an upbeat and spunky rap reprisal of one of Broadway's better-known songs.

Juxtaposing Kristin Chenoweth's soprano vocals with a solid hip-hop beat is a bit of inspired musical genius, and I guarantee this song will be burrowed in your brain before the two minute mark:

Much like how Random refuses to curse in his music, Freakyy is about as clean of a rapper as they come.  In a recent press release, Freakyy made his position on mainstream hip-hop abundantly clear:

"I don't support any artist whose music is detrimental to children. Teaching these kids that it's ok to disrespect women, deal/do drugs, twerk, and some more stuff. In my eyes, these artists are taking away from our communities, destroying our youth & messing up our culture."

The music video for Popular will feature children from Hagerstown, MD and will debut on VEVO next wednesday (11/21).  If you're interested in keeping an eye and your ears on Freakyy, follow him on Facebook... at least, until his official site gets off the ground.