Friday, November 9, 2012

Get your drink and Harry Potter fandom on with Quidditch Pong

Let the Triwizard Tournament begin! (via Louis Mensinger)

Few things in life satisfy like a perfect union of geek interests and alcohol.  The Drunken Moogle proves this almost daily, but those delicious and inspired cocktails aim to appeal to fans of video games and sci-fi movies.  Also, fans of Firefly who desperately cling to the hope that one day - one day - Fox will realize their mistake and give Whedon another chance.

Sadly, literary geeks are often left out of the trendy cocktails and drinking games... but one 20-year-old college student sought to change this oversight this past Halloween.

Louis Mensinger's humble creation is Quidditch Pong, an adaptation of the familiar college standard Beer Pong, given a uniquely Harry Potter twist.  Three hoops, representing the Quidditch goals, stand between the two sides of cups, and the game is over when the final point is scored with The Golden Snitch.

Outside of standard Beer Pong rules, Louis added a bit of a twist using the hoops. If a ball (quaffle) passes through a hoop and makes it into a cup, it counts for double - just as it would if the ball bounces.  Although, should the ball make it through a hoop the opposing team can then use their bludgers (hands) to knock the ball out of the air.

Considering that Quidditch Pong came into being through the use of a few coat hangers, some yellow duct tape, and plenty of creativity, there's no reason why it can't be set up by anyone, anywhere using Louis's blog post as a guide.

Incidentally, there's also nothing saying that the last cup must contain beer. So if you're looking to end your first game on a high note, be sure to Expecto some Patronum...