Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hatsune Miku's Ihatov Symphony performance will be streamed live on Friday

Way back at the end of August, it was announced that Japanese electronic music legend Isao Tomito would feature Hatsune Miku as a soloist performing alongside the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra for an arrangement of the Ihatov Symphony 

The bad news is that this performance appears to be a one-night only affair on November 23rd in Tokyo. The good news is that it will be streamed live online, so you can watch and listen to history being made!

The Ihatov Symphony is an original musical work based on the writings of Japanese author and poet Kenji Miyazawa.  The 80-year-old orchestrator of the symphony, Isao Tomitais one of the old guard of the Japanese electronic music movement, so his decision to use Hatsune Miku as the soloist for the performance isn't altogether surprising.  

What is surprising is that Miku will be backed up by 300 members of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and assorted chorus groups.  For all of Miku's impressive achievements to date, this will be the first time that the digital diva has performed with a live orchestra.

Streaming of the performance begins at 3:15 pm JST on Friday, November 23rd (1:15 am EST, or 6:15 am GMT) over at's YouTube Channel. Those looking to really experience the orchestral performance to the fullest can click back at the same URL later (7am EST, noon GMT) for a special “All About ‘Ihatov Symphony'" program.

As for the performance will sound like, the best guess I have so far is that it will be ambient and evocative as Miyazawa's writings about Ihatov were rather idyllic and utopian.  Pok√©mon Colosseum composer Tsukasa Tawada provided the OST for an obscure Japanese roleplaying game Ihatovo Monogatari (which was also based on Miyazawa's works)an excerpt of which can be heard here:  

While certainly light in the vocals, this type of music would lend itself quite well to an orchestral arrangement.