Thursday, November 8, 2012

Listen to the first track leaked from The Hobbit soundtrack a listen

There's a little more than a month left before the theatrical release of Peter Jackson's first installment of The Hobbit, and fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to see the legendary, fairy tale story of Bilbo Baggins brought to life on the big screen (in super high-res 3D).

But many fans are also looking forward to hearing the music that will accompany the film, as The Lord of the Rings trilogy churned out one of the most memorable sets of soundtracks in modern cinematic history.  Happily, Howard Shore has returned to bring the music of The Hobbit to life, and the early results are pretty impressive.

Take the first track to be released from the OST - "Radagast the Brown" - for example...

It starts off with Howard Shore being all Howard Shore-y with subtle string melodies and enough indistinct choral vocal harmonies added in to recall the most ambient moments of The Two Towers.  Around the 0:50 mark, however, things take a welcome change toward the energetic and the track really takes off on its own and shows some enthusiasm for the new film.

The opening minute of "Radagast the Brown" was pretty underwhelming and the whole thing sounded like a pale reprisal of the prologue music to Fellowship of the Ring. Howard Shore is usually called into deliver a distinct style of sound to a film, and it seemed that he was happy to phone this one in.

Once the dissonant secondary theme was presented, however,  it is rather easy to become excited for all of the fantasy potential that this new trilogy and its accompanying soundtrack have to offer.

It's unlikely that The Hobbit's soundtrack will attract many new fans to Howard Shore's work, but this seems like it will be a worthwhile Day 1 purchase for anyone who sunk more than 50 hours into Skyrim or is looking for some new background music to spice up their tabletop game nights.