Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Siri brings dat ass to Japanese doujin album

Yes, that's supposed to be Siri and - no - she doesn't appear to be ashamed of twerkin' it

Apple's speech software Siri has been the subject of some controversy since she was released last year.  Polite and detached, but undeniably female in most of the world, Siri has become something of an object of infatuation for iPhone users.

She is, after all, a personal digital assistant that lives in your pocket and does what you tell her to do without question.

Nowhere is this infatuation with Siri more keenly apparent than in Japan, where Siri's name carries a bit of a double entendre.  Due to the lack of a proper "see/si" phoneme in Japanese, Siri's name is often pronounced with a bit of a lisp making it "Shiri" - which also happens to be the Japanese word for "da butt".

Rocketnews24 reports that a group of musicians seized upon this inadvertently hilarious homophone and decided to make an song out of it way back in March - featuring the voice of Siri as the primary vocalist:

Online reaction to the song was overwhelmingly positive, and soon the doujin group, IOSYS, decided to make a proper album out of the idea.

The end result of their work, Teach Me Shiri Sensei, features six songs sung by an autotuned Siri along with a couple of Japanese comedy skits mixed in for good measure.  Also, judging from the spelling of Siri/Shiri and the album's artwork above, it's pretty clear that they're taking this whole ass thing and running with it.

You can listen to the first track from the album - We ♥ Ringo - and samples of the subsequent ones here:

IOSYS plans to release Teach Me Shiri Sensei on December 8th for about $15.  It's unknown as to whether they'll release a digital album alongside the physical disc, but given that it's a sexy anthropomorphized Siri, chances are good that it will appear on CDJapan or fanrip sites following its release.