Friday, November 30, 2012

Skrillex Quest is retro gaming at its finest (with dubstep!)

No, the game's not broken - not yet, at least.

In the old school days of cartridge-based gaming, there was nothing more feared than a speck of dust.  This nettlesome little mite would turn a perfectly normal gaming experience into a jarring panoply of flashing images, broken text, and fuzzy graphics.

Skrillex Quest is a free, browser-based game that builds upon the experience of having a dust-glitched Nintendo game and, well, makes an entire game out of it.

Meta to the extreme, Skrillex Quest stars the silent protagonist "P1" and features simple, NES-worthy controls- arrow keys move P1 around the screen and the space bar swings his sword.  The plot of Skrillex Quest is also rather simple: a plague (the glitches) has descended upon the nameless game world and P1 has been tasked with stopping it.

What makes Skrillex Quest work so well, however, is its music and presentation.  Created by designer Jason Oda, Skrillex Quest is a love-letter to Legend of Zelda (as the screenshot above shows) and 8-bit gaming in general.

As an added bonus, it's also set to the dubstep music of Skrillex.  When asked why he chose Skrillex's music, Oda remarked that it "sometimes sounds like a broken video game." which is about as fair an assessment of dubstep as I've ever heard.

So, if you're looking for something to help speed you along to your weekend, check out Skrillex Quest and kiss your afternoon goodbye!