Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skyrim's upcoming Dragonborn DLC lands next week, still no love for PS3

Ah, what a difference a year makes.  Twelve months ago at this time our Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of Fus Ro Dah's and reports of friends taking arrows to their knees.  Heck, we even followed Hatsune Miku's adventures in Skyrim and bought handmade Skyrim gifts for our loved ones.

After a titanic holiday season last year, Skyrim still continues to occupy the PCs, PS3s, and Xboxes of gamers across the world - thanks in part to its two released DLC packs (Dawnguard and Hearthfire), neither of which has appeared on the PS3 yet due to "technical" problems.

Next week, Skyrim is scheduled to receive its third DLC pack - Dragonborn - which is looking to be an incredible addition to the game, and is also looking to be an Xbox exclusive for the time being.

Those dovahkiin on PC will have to wait a few extra weeks - like the did with Dawnguard - and those on the PS3 will have to be even more patient as there's still no word as to whether Dragonborn will make it onto the PSN in the first place.

Bethesda Studios claims that all DLC packs for the PS3 are still in the works, but that's cold comfort for fans of the game who will have to watch the trailer below and know that it probably won't be coming for them until next year.

Fus Ro Dah, my shieldbrothers.  Fus. Ro. Dah.