Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sony hopes to support the Vita's sagging sales with... breasts?

It's no secret that the PS Vita has met with a decidedly cooler market reaction than Sony was hoping for. Despite being an impressive gaming console in almost every regard, there just aren't a lot of reason to own a Vita just yet.

Sony is looking to change this perception, in France at least, by likening the PS Vita to a headless woman with four breasts... because who wouldn't want to own one of those?

As someone who is terrified of male genitals, I'm just happy Sony didn't run a sexy ad that highlighted the Vita's dual analog sticks...

The ad in question at least marginally relates to the Vita's functionality and wasn't - I should hope - a product of an all-night marketing meeting that ended with "I know what will really sell Vitas... a chick with four tits!"

In Sony's defense, the PS Vita has touch screens on both the front and back of the console. So this ad, assumedly, is drawing the correlation that everything would be better if it fun things to fondle on both its front and its back.

... actually, after re-reading that sentence that's supposedly in Sony's defense, I kind of hope the ad was created with the express logic of "I know what will really sell Vitas... a chick with four tits!"

A feminist can - and probably should - have a field day with this ad, as the hypersexualized female form in question lacks a face and is defined solely by its dupliboobs which, incidentally, exist only to be fondled.  Admittedly, this ad ran only in France which has always been a bit more... progressive... with its attitudes towards sexuality, but like Nintendo's "I'm not a gamer" 3DS campaign, this likely isn't endearing Sony to female gamers any.

Incidentally, I apologize for pulling a complete vanishing act last week.  Hurricane Sandy hit my area far worse than it was predicted to and - long story short - I used to have a mailbox and entrance to my driveway but now have a collapsed tree and tangle of roots.