Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This R2-D2 Engagement Ring is the droid that you're looking for

Every couple of months, a truly inspired piece of geek wedding jewelry makes its way around the net.  These rings act as tangible reminders of the commitment between two individuals, naturally, but they also make for a pretty sweet piece of geek bling.

 First there was the Legend of Zelda wedding band, which was followed up by an inspired Indiana Jones engagement ring.  On their heels came the more economical Star Trek insignia engagement ring, and now - to their august ranks - we add the R2-D2 engagement ring:

"Excuse me sir, but that R2 Unit is in prime condition, a real bargain"

The crazy geniuses over at Custom Made were responsible for making this ring a reality.  Designed by a graphic artist and tattooer from New Jersey named Joe, the ring came into being as a way to express the couple's love and, of course, their "fanatical Star Wars enthusiasm".

Custom Made assigned one of its in-house designers, Paul Michael to the project, and he worked with the fiancé-to-be to bring the ring from concept to completion. [Sidenote! This is not an easy, or cheap, process!] 

While the ring bears a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite iconic astromech droid, there's no word from Joe or the jewelers as to whether it has hidden booster jets that will appear at convenient moments in their engagement.

Joe's completed ring arrived shortly before Halloween.  Although he had a different sort of proposal planned, he decided that he couldn't wait to ask once he had the ring in hand.  Dressed up as the Charlie Brown to his girlfriend's Lucy Van Pelt, Joe eagerly popped the question on Halloween in front of his friends and coworkers:

d'awwwwwesome!  While it would have been more appropriate to see Han propose to Leia, Joe and his fiancé win massive points for creativity as this may well be the first Peanuts-themed proposal ever captured on YouTube.

Take a lesson from this, young and unwedded geeks!  With a bit of money and the internet, you can do pretty much anything with wedding jewelry these days... so give Zales the boot and let your geek inspiration shine.