Friday, November 23, 2012

Watch history being made as Hatsune Miku performs in the Ihatov Symphony

Earlier today (or yesterday, depending on your timezone...) Hatsune Miku was featured in a singularly historic concert in Tokyo.  Being controlled by keyboard to adjust to the musicians of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Miku performed live in Isao Tomita's Ihatov Symphony.

The postmodern compression of space and time was all but defined by this concert as it featured a synthesized voice/personality as a soloist, performing an homage to an early 20th century poet with a professional orchestra and choir and it was broadcast live around the world.

Thus, fans of Miku, modern classical music, or early 20th century Japanese literature in Lima, Munich, and Washington DC could have watched this concert simultaneously on different days.  Rather amazing stuff, that.

Also amazing is the fact that the live feed is still up, so you can watch the performance below!

Miku's first appearance comes about 12 minutes in at about the ~39 minute mark of the video, for those less keen on the classical and choral arraignments and more keen on seeing and hearing Miku live in action.

It's not clear s to whether there will be another performance of this particular piece, or if a DVD will be made available, so you may want to soak up as much postermodernism from the above as you can before it's taken offline!