Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Music for the discriminating geek, 2012 round-up!

With Christmas less than two weeks away, it's about time to switch to an all-candy cane diet and soak up as much holiday cheer as humanly possible. Still, with each year that passes, however stress and competing social obligations make it increasingly difficult to find the occasion and time to celebrate - which is the exact opposite of how the holiday season should feel!

Whether you're short or surfeit on Christmas cheer this year, your friend here at Kawaiian Punch has trawled the internet (and his own archives) to create one comprehensive post of the very best geeky Christmas music available on the internets.

Ranging from chiptune to Vocaloid, with stopovers in Nerdcore hip-hop and video game remixes, there's absolutely something for everyone here who ever called themselves a geek.  Read on and enjoy!

8-Bit Jesus

Good chiptune music can be hard to find, and good chiptune Christmas music is damn near nonexistent.  At least, it was until the Philadelphia-based Doctor Octoroc dropped 8-Bit Jesus on a world weary of Smash Mouth reprisals of stale Christmas classics.

A short album that provides brief mash-ups of popular NES tunes with Christmas carols, 8-bit Jesus is well worth the investment for such classic tracks as Have Yourself A Final Little Fantasy, Icarus! The Angels Sing, and Bubble We Have Heard On Bobble.

Those interested in getting their retro Christmas on can pick up 8-Bit Jesus via iTunes.

A Very Random Christmas

Another musical act to come out of Philadelphia, the immensely popular (and talented!) nerdcore rapper Random/Mega Ran released this quirky album last year.  Mixing Random's signature tongue-in-cheek rapping over the iconic and simplistic music from "A Charlie Brown Christmas Special", this one will almost certainly make you smile.

If you're looking to have A Very Random Christmas, you can download the album from Random's site.

Square Enix's X'mas Collection

Despite being released two years ago, Square Enix's X'Mas Collections never saw an official release outside of Japan. While many of the arrangements on X'Mas Collections are original remixes of popular SE themes (like the FFVII Christmas Remix or Chocobo's Happy Christmas) there are some tracks lifted directly from games like FFXI's Starlight Celebration that make this album worth tracking down.

Unfortunately, your options for procuring this one down are a bit more limited.  You can either go through or take a somewhat less ethical route.


One for the Vocaloid fans out there, the Christmas-inspired Noël-Loid came out last year but was remarkably difficult to acquire stateside. Featuring the most popular Vocaloids like Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, along with Kagamine Rin & Len, this is the quintessential Christmas album to rock out to if you're into - or at least not opposed to - Vocaloid.

Sadly, this CD requires you to purchase it through a Japan-based exporter but if you ask really nicely I might be inclined to share it some Christmas cheer with you.

Oxhorn's Christmas for Geeks

The venerable World of Warcraft just dinged it's 8th anniversary a few weeks ago, and it still has millions of enthusiastic fans across the globe. For these fans, Oxhorn created Oxhorn's Christmas for Geeks,  a WoW-themed comedy album that takes traditional Christmas carols and gives them a decided geeky spin with such titles as We Three Dwarves of Ironforge and I'm Dreaming of an Epic Flying Mount.

Oxhorn's Christmas for Geeks can be downloaded from either iTunes or Amazon, with Amazon being the slightly cheaper option.