Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Person Goomba will make you empathize with the little guy

Being a stock enemy is a thankless job.

You're nowhere near the level of threat posed by the level boss (or even mini-boss), you rarely - if ever - have your own musical theme, and players kill you so often that they quickly grow bored by your demise.

Rare is the player that ever stops to question the existence, hopes, or dreams of a common stock enemy. Heck, I used to hunt Tonberrys for scroll drops like it was *job* in Final Fantasy XI, and then the game tried to make me feel guilty about my choice by giving them a tragic backstory.

The below video - First Person Goomba - hopes to evoke the same sort of guilt trip for a larger audience by mixing a heaping pile of pathos along with a dash of comedy and a sprinkle of Tarantino storytelling for good measure.

If you have the time today, take a moment to reflect upon the noble goomba - speedbump of the Mushroom Kingdom.

These poor bastards never became playable characters in Mario Kart, and they lack any sort of attack past shuffling around and bumping into things. It's ok to feel badly for the goomba, today and every day.  They're a stock enemy that you can pity.

...but don't go nuts with your empathy.  The ReDeads in Ocarina of Time can go fuck right the hell off.