Monday, December 10, 2012

It's dangerous to go alone, take this... and this woman, to be your wife. Part II

Inspired geek wedding jewelry is becoming quite trendy these days (and with good reason!), but every so often a ring comes along that stands out from the pack.  Take this pair of wedding bands that popped up on Reddit, for example...

While a bit more understated than the original - and still incredibly awesome - Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring this pair is classy in a rather reserved way. Designed by Toronto-based jeweler Zsolt Székely, it's not known if these were a custom project that was added to his portfolio (likely) or if it's something of a nontraditional stock offering.

Regardless of the origins of the rings, there's no price listed on the site - which is quite common for boutique jewelers - but those interested could probably contact the goldsmith directly.  As an added bonus, he learned to goldsmith in Transylvania!

Outside of the obvious positioning problem of the rings in the picture above (I sincerely hope that the inside doesn't read "It's Dangerous... go alone!"), the only real problem with a pair of Triforce wedding rings is that you're bound to have some sleazy geek proposition you for a threesome by asking if he could be your Ganon.

...that is, of course, if your wife doesn't get kidnapped first.