Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nintendo learns of, and approves, Twilight Symphony fan project

Ambitious fan projects are a tricky thing to negotiate.  Grow big enough, and everyone on the internet will hear about you and want in on what you have to offer.  Grow too big, and the company who owns the intellectual property that you're basing your project around will have a few things to say about your plan to make money off of their franchise.

The incredibly ambitious Twilight Symphony project looked to be heading to the latter despite making every effort to stay on the happy side of copyright law. Focused on delivering nothing less than a three-and-a-half hour orchestral arrangement of Koji Kondo's memorable Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess soundtrack, Twilight Symphony has been in the works for some time and has generated a staggering amount of fan interest.

Everything was looking on track for a release of the album a few weeks ago when it was supposed to ship.  Instead of a release, fans received... dreaded silence.  Conspiracy theorists feared the worst and then it was confirmed that Nintendo had caught wind of the project.  With an official Legend of Zelda orchestral project already running, it seemed likely that Nintendo would shut down Twilight Symphony but good.

And then, the unexpected happened. Zelda Informer reported that Nintendo stepped in to actually help Twilight Symphony along by suggesting a few cosmetic changes.  It even donated the time of some of its top execs to serve as advisors for the project to ensure that it met the high standards of quality that they hold the Zelda franchise to.

Twilight Symphony will deliver a unique mix of orchestral, choral, and digital samples to create a rich and full arrangement of the Twilight Princess soundtrack.

This is certainly one of those "So shines a good deed in a weary world" sort of moments, as Nintendo could have easily flexed its legal muscle and put Twilight Symphony to the torch.  This seemed likely, as Kondo himself once said that he thought Twilight Princess's soundtrack didn't need the orchestral treatment.

Instead, the project is back on track and the sold-out (super) limited edition physical copies should even arrive before Christmas making this a merry Christmas indeed for Zelda fans. Those who are still looking to get in on the release can subscribe to Twilight Symphony's website to receive updates on the digital version of the album.