Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Cinder Kitten is here... to help support hurricane relief?

By all accounts, Blizzard is a pretty standup company.  Not anywhere near as cool as Nintendo has been lately, mind, but Blizzard is usually on top of things when it comes to showing a little human kindness to their customers.

This week, Blizzard once again proved that they're a company with a conscience by introducing a new fundraiser that will benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  And in this case, the fundraiser takes the form of an adorable, adoptable pet for World of Warcraft players dubbed the "Cinder Kitten".


For $10, a WoW player can purchase a Cinder Kitten for their character to have as an in-game pet or they can gift one to a friend if they're in a giving mood.

Cute pets are nothing new to World of Warcraft, admittedly, but what makes the Cinder Kitten noteworthy is that Blizzard will donate 100% of every Cinder Kitten purchase made between now and the end of the month to the Red Cross's ongoing Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

I'm not sure that I see the tie-in between a Cinder Kitten and hurricane relief for the tristate area, but given the list of possible New York and New Jersey-themed pet alternatives (Hipster Hippo?  Bon Jovi Jaguar? "The Boss" Bobcat?), I think pretty much anyone can get behind the adorable and altruistic cuteness that is the Cinder Kitten.

So, if you're looking to donate to hurricane relief, play WoW, and want a cute flaming kitty to follow you around, this is (the extremely specific) fundraiser that you've been waiting for.