Monday, December 3, 2012

The Song of the Lonely Mountain is stirring, will make you feel like a dwarf

As the international release of The Hobbit draws ever-nearer, fans have a dizzying array of toys, tie-ins, and pancakes to look forward to, but the most dedicated fans are excited over the prospect of getting their hands on the movie's soundtrack a few days ahead of the box office opening.

The first song leaked from the soundtrack - "Radagast the Brown" - was a pretty impressive track from Howard Shore that preserved the feel of the first three Lord of the Rings movies while mixing in a novel compositional style along with new instruments.  It was good, but not exactly "deep fried red velvet pancake balls good", if you catch my meaning.

The second track to leak from the album - Neil Finn's "Song of the Lonely Mountain" - however, is worth its weight in Hobbit Harvest Pies and then some.

Audio isn't the best, so you may want to turn up your speakers a touch...

Sung over the ending credits, Finn's "Song of the Lonely Mountain" is a damn slight more enjoyable than the screeching (but rather fitting) "Gollum's Song" that was used to conclude The Two Towers.

Using the song sung by Thorin and Company in Bag End as inspiration, Finn reimagines the piece as a stirring, 1960s folk ballad that recalls Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and the Rankin & Bass cartoon version of The Hobbit in all the right ways.  The folk approach is actually a bit surprising, given Finn's alterna-rock background, but his kiwi vocals lend themselves to the style perfectly.  Also, the metal anvil noises are a nice touch as well.

For those looking for great music to begin a roadtrip by, "Song of the Lonely Mountain" will be on both the physical soundtrack and digital download when they're released on December 11th.