Monday, January 28, 2013

Downton Abbey's 16-bit Super Nintendo version is awesome

For reasons that no one can quite understand, the PBS post-Edwardian drama juggernaut Downton Abbey has found a willing and obsessive audience in the geek community.

Perhaps it's the careful attention to detail and costumes that reminds us of our favorite Lord of the Rings moments, or maybe it's the sharp writing and incredible acting that drive each episode.  It could also be the fact that Professor McGonagall is in it, but whatever the cause there's no arguing that geeks want more of Downton.

To tease and feed this growing obsession, modern day polymath (and chiptune artist!) Bill Kiley, released a spoof trailer for what Downton Abbey would look like if it was released as a Super Nintendo game. Set down your Super Scope 6 and check out the awesomeness that follows...

...or sit back and download the awesome chiptune soundtrack so you can set it as your mom's ringtone.

For all the sensible fan service in the video, this trailer is a pitch-perfect parody of mid-nineties console adventure games based on wildly successful pieces of intellectual property like Star Trek: The Next Generation, which were generally more faithful to their source material than they were fun.

In these games best forgotten, there was no deep roleplaying system to dive into, and "action" generally consisted of shuffling from one screen to the next in order to complete a quest. Finding lost cigars and fluffing pillows in Downton Abbey seems like Game of the Year material when you look at everything Star Trek had to offer on the SNES:

COMPUTERS.  They make Patrick Stewart sad, for some reason.

For those that can't get enough of Downton Abbey, Season 3 just landed on Blu Ray and DVD this past weekend, so if you're in the mood to get your drama on with the Earl of Grantham (and who isn't?) your Superbowl Saturday plans are clear: invite a few Dowager Countesses of your own over and play some Downton Abbey bingo.  The winner gets an extra serving of treacle!

 click here for the full-sized version 
(source: DowntonAbbeyAddicts)