Friday, January 4, 2013

Final Fantasy XI receives... a new trailer?

Let it never be said that Square Enix abandons its children revenue streams.  As Final Fantasy XIV ramps up for its major relaunch this year, Square Enix is making sure that its older brother - Final Fantasy XI, its first MMORPG - remains updated and current for its fervent playerbase.

This update takes the form of a brand new expansion - Seekers of Adoulin - which is due out in March.

Watching the trailer for me at this point is sort of like creeping on a long-ago ex's Facebook page.  I'm trying my hardest to remember all the good times and beauty that we shared together, but I'm too hung up with how poorly it's aged to feel anything but confusion and a dull pang of sadness.

Anyway.  There are those who still play FFXI and don't view it as a dating prospect, and for these players the new expansion will include scads of new areas to explore along with two classic jobs from Final Fantasy Tactics (Rune Fencer and Geomancer) for players to unlock.  The whole thing looks pretty good on the whole, but it barely has an eighth of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn's sweepingly epic launch trailer:

When Final Fantasy XI launched back in 2002/2004, it set itself apart from other MMORPGs by providing players with a steep learning curve and backbreaking challenges that demanded a group effort to complete. In return, the game offered incredible storylines, strikingly beautiful graphics, and some truly memorable music.  All of this served to attract a different, deeper kind of player that was interested in content and lore over DKP and raid loot.

At least, it did until the endgame scene got started.

Still, there's no arguing that Final Fantasy XI is past its prime as games go, but it still does this jaded geek's heart good to see that Square Enix is still pumping time and dollars into the title long after many erroneously predicted that the game's development was over and done with.

That said, Seekers of Adoulin won't be out for a good few months yet... so let's take a moment to reflect back on the greatness that was the past of FFXI:

Saggy balls indeed.  Saggy balls to you, sir.