Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's trailer is incredible Part II

If sweepingly epic trailers were a system of currency, Final Fantasy XIV would have made enough money to make Square Enix the most profitable company in the world by now.

Sadly, as the cashier at Starbucks so rudely reminded me, trailers aren't - in fact - currency, which is a sad commentary on our society when you consider how incredible Final Fantasy XIV's original trailer was. And while its subsequent Limit Break and Prime Avatar trailers were epic enough to make any Final Fantasy fan's trousers a bit tighter, both of these trailers paled in comparison to the cinematic A Realm Reborn: End of an Era trailer that was posted in November.

Now, Square Enix has published as sequel to November's trailer which picks up literally where the last one left off.  If you've watched the original enough times to be bored by it (unlikely!) skip to 5:30 for the new stuff:

If you don't crank this up to 1080p, you will make a baby chocobo cry

After watching the sequel (or perhaps, more accurately, extended version), there's no way any Final Fantasy fan will be able to resist the urge to play this game when it (re)launches this spring.  I've given up all hope of having a social life past its release date, and will miss my friends and family terribly.

I'm just happy I was able to squeeze in a wedding and the birth of my niece before this was set in motion.  Otherwise, things might have really gotten awkward...