Friday, January 18, 2013

Let this Legend of Zelda love song melt your heart container

Every so often, a manifestation of pure love and geekery makes its way onto the web.  More often than not, it takes the form of a high-profile, attention-grabbing  piece of jewelry like an Indiana Jones-inspired engagement ring - but humbler examples exist and are by no means less d'awwwww-inducing.

Take this catchy, indie-style love song Princess of Destiny by Youtuber HelloIamDanica. Mixing adorkably geeky lyrics with a ukelele, a profound knowledge of the Legend of Zelda series, and vocals that remind me of  Florence and the Machine, it's now a top choice for geeky couples to have their first dance to.

...or at least it should be.  Just read the chorus!

I touched the triforce and I got you
every piece of your heart I will cling to
we'll have an unforgettable legacy
 because I am your princess of destiny

It goes on from there and only gets more adorable by the end.  If you've got a geek guy or geek girl in your life, this song is guaranteed to melt their hearts.

Maybe I can teach myself the ukelele and retool the lyrics for this in time for Valentine's Day...

(image source: riko (sorube))