Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Ghost in the Shell anime announced, Motoko looks... constipated

It's a rare anime that approaches the deep storyline of Ghost in the Shell. 

While nowhere near as popular as shonen anime like Bleach or Naruto, Ghost in the Shell is widely regarded as a thinking otaku's anime. Mixing in J.D. Salinger references with a deep, introspective examination on what it actually means to be human, Ghost in the Shell isn't the type of anime you sit down to eat popcorn Pocky to.  It's the anime you sit down to watch if you want to remember your college philosophy courses.

The cyberpunk classic began its life as a manga and has since spun off to three movies, a handful of video games, and two seasons of an immensely popular TV series.  Now, Siliconera reports that a new project - Ghost in the Shell: Arise - will join the franchise in 2013.

Details on the project are still relatively few, but the script is being handled by Tow Ubukata (who penned the script for the amazing, gender-bending, supernatural action thriller Le Chevalier d'Eon) so the story's in good hands.  It's also being directed by veteran Animation Director Kazuchika Kise, a name which might be familiar if you watched any of the Evangelion movies.

Outside of these crew details, the only really information to be gleaned from the official site for the project is that the new design for series protagonist Motoko Kusangi, the ass-kicking cyberpunk secret agent,  looks a bit too much like leader of the 5th graders/6th graders in South Park:

Bewbs notwithstanding, Arise will certainly be worth tracking down once it's completed later this year. With any luck, it'll have an opening song that's at least half as cool as the one used for Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex -