Thursday, January 3, 2013

Object of geek desire: Game of Thrones Converse chucks

Falling into a new fandom is a dangerous and expensive business.  Enraptured by a world of awesome that you never knew existed, the temptation to invest hundreds of hours (and dollars...) on a new hobby is often strong and difficult to rein in.

Given enough time, an obsessive fan falling into a new series will often cover themselves in trappings of the new fandom.  It starts innocently enough, often with a geeky ringtone or clever/cute hat, and within weeks the new fan is covered head-to-toe in fandom-branded clothing.  

More accurately, it's usually "head-to-t-shirt" as the "to toe" part is often hard to pull off.  Not many people make Game of Thrones sneakers for example.  At least, they didn't until recently...

Ours if the Fury, yours is the sneaker.

Above is the work of Etsy artist Tannim, whose opened her shop this past summer and rose to internet notoriety with her Tardis-inspired Converse Chucks.  Not one to be caught flat-footed by success, Tannim since launched a line of shoes inspired by the various noble houses from HBO's stupidly successful Game of Thrones series.

In addition to the House Baratheon Chucks pictured above (there's a flashier Renly varient available too!), Thronies can pick up Chucks bearing the emblems and colors of House Lannister, Tully, Stark, Targaryen, in addition to lesser houses like Arryn and Martell.  Each pair will run you ~$125 with shipping included which is nowhere near as expensive as some other Game of Thrones swag that I can think of.

Interestingly, this isn't the first Game of Thrones post here to concern footwear.  Back at the end of the summer, an obsessive (and extremely talented!) Nike designer released a limited-edition poster with his own interpretation of the various heraldries of Westeros.

There must be some sort of bizarre, fetishistic reason behind this.  Coincidence, I believe it's called.  Yes, coincidence...