Friday, January 25, 2013

Object of geek desire: The Iron Throne iPhone Dock

For serious Game of Thrones / George R.R. Martin fans, few things in life would be cooler than sitting on the Iron Throne.

Unfortunately, getting your backside onto the metonymic seat of power for the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros isn't particularly easy.  Options exist for the super rich (or super classy...), but most Thronies will only be able dream of sitting on a chair forged from the swords of their conquered foes.

Thankfully, 3D-printing maven and Instructables czar mstyle183 has another way to bring the Iron Throne into your life - and it's pretty cool, so long as you have $50 to spend and don't mind sharing said Throne with your iPhone.

Enter, the Iron Throne Dock - a product of mstyle183's mastery of 3D design and modeling.

Warning: Displaying your phone with this wallpaper
will probably cause a passing Throny to smash it.

While $50 might seem a bit steep for the dock, it's worth noting that the design was mapped manually by mstyle183 himself (a process he describes as "extremely painful and extremely time consuming"), and it's also a damn slight cheaper than other Iron Throne replicas that are out there.

When ordering from nuPROTO, users have the option to select a seat base that's compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4/4S, and 5 along with a micro USB model (hurray, Android!).

It'd be nice to have the option to switch between device compatibility on the fly - especially for $50 - but then, only one set of royal ass cheeks is ever intended to sit a throne.