Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random remixes FFVII one more time with White Materia

Way back in 2011, nerdcore virtuoso Random gave Final Fantasy VII's amazing soundtrack the hip hop treatment with the incredible Black Materia album.

Mixing in familiar melodies from songs like Aerith's ThemeOne Winged Angel, and Cosmo Canyon with his signature rap style, Black Materia quickly won Random a huge following of fans and helped catapult him (further) up the ranks of nerdcore stardom.  
Last year - after turning pro - Random returned to the world of Cloud and Tifa with Black Materia: The Remixes, a solid album that added a few new tracks and slapped new coats of polish on the existing ones. You'd think that he'd be over his infatuation with the FFVII soundtrack by now, but... well, here we are...

Today, Random (in conjuncture with DJ Nerd42 and Get Some! Records) released White Materia, another hip hop voyage through Midgar that promises to deliver a new spin on Black Materia by including a bunch of new mash-ups with the usual remixes.

Sweet Child of Mako has Mega Ran mix it up with Guns n Roses, while Turks in Black sends Dale Chase up against Will Smith. After that, Ninja Gold Digger mixes in a bit of Weird Al to Random's rap about Yuffie, while Cookie Sith sends Adam WarRock up against the relentless lyrical flow of, um, Cookie... Monster...

Anyway, you can download the album right here for the awesome price of "free", so give the trailer below a listen then download to your heart's content!