Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some of the best FFIX cosplay you'll ever see, Part II

Final Fantasy IX inspires a terrific wave of nostalgia in those lucky enough to have played through it.  Created during the peak of Squaresoft's identity crisis, FFIX was the last game to launch for the original PlayStation back in 1999 and marked the last time - barring MMO's - that Square set foot in a traditional, medieval fantasy game world.

Because the deep-seated love and admiration of its fans, Final Fantasy IX traditionally inspires some rather incredible cosplay.  Today's example is the work of German Cosplayer Ken Hopkins and shows off the pint-sized powerhouse Vivi Ornitier in all of his glory.

The quintessential black mage from his steepled hat to his poofy pantaloons, the hopelessly existential Vivi is a fan favorite for his childlike demeanor and unflinching dedication to his friends.

He's also a complete bitch to Cosplay as, considering that he's about 3' tall from boots to the tip of his hat.  Hopkins worked around this height issue by kneeling behind the Vivi rig which - while impressive - could not have been comfortable after a long day... or ten minutes.

I hope for his sake that he invested in kneepads. 

Another challenge of Vivi is his glowing, lamplike eyes which Hopkins created using LEDs and a diffusion gel to spread out the light and keep any bright spots from shining through.

While Hopkins' work is absolutely impressive, it doesn't make me reconsider my decision to scrap my idea to cosplay as Vivi some day.  Being 6'5" means that you have to wave goodbye to cosplaying as shorter characters if you want complete accuracy, and I gave up on Vivi a long time ago.

I might, however, look into making a staff like that to display in my living room....