Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tyrion Lannister may LARP after all: Knights of Badassdom has a new trailer

Do you remember Knights of Badassdom?  The incredible-looking LARP movie that starred Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), True Blood's Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), geek goddess River Tam (Summer Glau) and Community's Abed (Danny Pudi)?  If so, there's good news - the movie just might make it out to theaters this year.

Filmed way back in 2010, Knights of Badassdom's first trailer aired at 2011's San Diego Comic Con and it was supposed to be the LARPing movie that made LARPing cool again. Yet for some inexplicable reason, Knights never made it into theaters.

Since that time, other LARP comedies have been filmed and released, while Knights of Badassdom has slipped through one release window after another.

This should (hopefully) change soon, despite the deafening silence from the movie's official Facebook page, as the ubergeeks over at Ain't it Cool stumbled upon a new trailer for Knights of Badassdom that contains some new footage and looks every bit as awesome as the one that came before it.

While the trailer lists a release date of 2013 (a fact backed the film's IMDB page), fans have good reason to be skeptical considering they've heard this all before.

With any luck, however, this skepticism will be unwarranted and we'll remember 2013 as the year that Sookie's Brother and Tyrion Lannister raised foam swords together on the field of epic comedy.