Monday, February 11, 2013

Adam and Dog might just be the best animated short I've ever seen

The 85th annual academy awards aren't for another two weeks, and normally this site - and its dashingly handsome writer - aren't much for the annual cavalcade of Hollywood gladhanding.  At least, they're not... unless a really cute animated dog is involved.

Animator Minkyu Lee's 2012 Annie Award-winning Adam and Dog is in the running for the Best Animated Short Film academy award this year - and it's an absolutely stunning powerhouse of emotion all wrapped up in 15 short, wordless minutes.

As a loving (and obsessive) dog owner, I was a bit nervous to watch Lee's opus since I spent the whole time waiting for the Futurama/Jurassic Bark boot to drop.  Thankfully, Lee avoided the temptation to tear at the audience's heartstrings and - SPOILERS! - the dog does not die.  Still, Lee isn't shy about investing pathos in his work and the whole thing is quite beautiful.

Fair warning: as Adam and Dog is set in the Garden of Eden, there is a bit of non-sexual nudity and - fairer warning - if you own a dog, this will make you want to drop what you're doing, run home, and snuggle the hell out of it. 

Unfortunately, Adam and Dog is running against Paperman - the romantic black & white short that preceded Wreck it Ralph - for the Oscar, so Lee's victory isn't guaranteed.

Still, a win might not be out of the question this year since Disney and Pixar have had poor luck winning the Best Animated Short Film category recently with the last win for either coming in 2001 with Pixar's For the Birds.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a puppy to cuddle.