Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Who: better as a 16-bit RPG, or best as a 16-bit RPG?

For reasons I can't explain, I've never really been able to get into Dr. Who.  One look at the internet in general (or Pinterest in specific) tells me that it's enormously popular, but for some reason the British Sci-Fi drama never really appealed to me.

Maybe it's because Dr. Who isn't something that I could identify with.  The mercurial and scarf-driven personality of the 4th Doctor almost won me over, but as someone who prefers 16-bit RPGs over flying police boxes - well, I just couldn't get into the voyages of the Doctor.

Thankfully, this is looking to change with Doctor Octoroc's amazing look at what a 16-bit Dr. Who roleplaying game would be like.

Sadly, the game doesn't exist (yet!) is only a tease in the short video that follows below.  Long time readers of this site - and fans of chiptune Christmas music - may recognize Doctor Octoroc as the man responsible for 8-bit Jesus, so this sort of retro short is the exactly what you'd expect from someone of his talents.

Also, because he's a talented chiptune genius, one could also expect the soundtrack for the short to be available for free... which it is, so get to to downloading and make yourself an awesome ringtone out of it today!