Monday, February 18, 2013

First look at Legend of Korra Season 2 (kinda... sorta...)

Despite an initial mixed reaction to the series, The Legend of Korra has won over most Avatar: The Last Airbender fans* as they accepted that it's the closest thing they'll ever get to seeing more of Aang's antics.

After acclimating to the new 1920s aesthetic of the show, these fans became some of the loudest supporters of Korra and have grown a bit impatient at the lack of news on its promised second season due out later this year. Outside of the name (Spirits) and the number of episodes (14), precious little is known about the plot of Season 2.

Korra co-creator Bryan Konietzko took to Tumblr this weekend to address this lack of information, and gave fans a sneak peek at the second season and it's - um- well...

...a single, close-to-completed picture of Korra standing in front of, uh, a chainlink fence and... the Jefferson Memorial, maybe?

Konietzko knew that fans would likely be unhappy with the image alone, so he included a brief message in an attempt to smooth things over:

"A year later and I’m still behind in all my work, you’re all still mad the show is not out yet (which, please understand, is akin to being mad at a tree for not growing apples fast enough), and Korra is still a badass.

Thanks for caring enough to be mad"

Jokes aside, an image is better than no image and Korra does look remarkably badass in that picture. 

It's not exactly the release date or launch trailer that fans were hoping for, but at least we know that she hasn't put on a ton of weight or lost an eye - which is more than Battlestar Galactica fans can say for their protagonists between seasons 2 and 3.

Here's to hoping they don't put Pabu in a fatsuit...

* By most, here, I really mean "me"