Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jim C. Hines genderbends again - this time, for charity!

Fantasy author Jim C. Hines is know best for two things: his series of Princess Novels alterna-fabels and his propensity to strike sultry poses in the name of gender equality.

About a year ago, Hines did a photoshoot where he tried his best to pose like the hypersexualized women on the covers of moden sci-fi and fantasy novels to raise awareness about the trend.  The results were hilarious, but also (anecdotally) enlightening: Hines found that the poses were in no way natural, often painful, and existed only to put the woman's best... assets... forward.

Recently, Hines has once-again indulged his penchant of posing across gender lines, and he brought some of his friends - authors all - along for the trip this time around.  John “Waffle-man” Scalzi, Patrick Rothfuss, Charles Stross, and Hines all shed their clothing to drap themselves around Mary Robinette Kowal (also an author) to recreate the harem-like cover art of Poul Anderson's Young Flandry.

The goal this time wasn't to raise awareness, but rather to raise money for the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation.  The goal was $5,000, but he and his friends raised over $15,000 simply by striking a pose.

I don't know what else can be said about Hines and his co-conspirators past "good on 'em".  I'm all for gender equality in video games and I find obligatory fan service to be more than a little annoying, but I don't think I'll don a pair of Battle Panties to raise awareness for the issue.

Although, I wouldn't rule out a French Maid's outfit...