Friday, February 15, 2013

Object of geek desire: Game of Thrones plushies

With the potential of an international move looming, I've been looking to reduce the majority of my geeky home furnishings.  Certain objects, like the Force FX Lightsabers, framed posters, and my collection of various and meticulously curated statuettes/figmas will definitely be put in storage, but others will find their way to a new home (read: ebay).   

It figures that just as I've resigned myself to this, someone had to go and come out with an adorable line of Game of Thrones plushies...

Above are Factory Entertainment's upcoming line of licensed plushies which, according to The Daily BLAM, should be out in the summer of 2013. From what they've shown at the Toy Fair, fans can expect plush dragon eggs, dire wolf pups, and - incredibly - shield throw pillows sporting the heraldries and words of Westeros' great houses.

The plushie line is the first stage of products that represent "a multi-year licensing agreement" with HBO. This agreement also promises to bring prop replicas and sculptural miniatures of key locations, castles, and the like to the mantelpieces of consumers everywhere.  While those will no doubt be cool, they're nowhere near as novel as owning a plush direwolf or plush Stark Shield.

Once the move situation is sorted, I may have to pop into the HBO Shop over the summer to load up on some of these.  If nothing else, they'll confuse the hell out of whoever decides to break into my storage unit while I'm away!