Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Persona 4 receives the musical treatment

The Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series occupies a fond place in the collective gaming consciousness of turn-based RPG fans.  Set in the halls of a fictional high school, Persona games strike an odd and singular balance between straight-up dungeon crawling and advanced dating simulation.

While the importance of dating and friendship varies from game to game, it's usually a fairly major portion of the game that helps you unlock more powerful Personas to summon.

Imagine what would happen, then, if you mixed the angsty teen drama world of Persona with the upbeat musical grandeur of Glee.  In between classes, trips to the ramen shop, and pitched battles against the forces of the underworld... wouldn't it be great if the characters would just spontaneously break out into song?

Some fans apparently thought so, because The Persona 4: Musical Project is a thing and it's actually pretty awesome.

When you stop and think about it, there's a fair amount of overlap between the students of Persona and Glee.

Both are part of a elite, super-special high school club, no one - least of all their teachers - understands the sacrifices they make for said club, they both wear skimpy outfits on occasion, and both can summon vengeful spirits to fight for them by shooting themselves in the head.

So... that last part doesn't really come up on Glee all that often, but the subtext for it is definitely there.

Anyway, The Persona 4 Musical Project has been gathering steam online for some time now but the first fruits of its labors are just starting to surface.  From the look (and sound) of things around the community, it's a small matter of time before they're ready to release an actual musical or - at least - a doujin album of what they've come up with.

Historically, I've never really been a fan of musicals and I doubt this will change my mind much... but if the talented minds behind The Persona 4 Musical Project can come close to capturing the unbridled funk of Persona 4 Golden's opening movie, I would gladly grab tickets for their premiere performance and blast the soundtrack proudly whenever I'm stuck in traffic.