Monday, February 4, 2013

Robert Downey Jr. trolls fans with Iron Man 3 extended trailer

While the city of New Orleans would probably like to forget most of last night's Super Bowl, fans will long remember it for its boring commercials and exciting second half.  Less than half a minute after the 3rd quarter opened with Baltimore's 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, the New Orleans Superdome suffered from an embarrassing, 35-minute long power failure.

This power failure gave the 49ers a chance to muster their shit and mount an incredible (but ultimately unsuccessful) comeback, and it also gave millions of Marvel fans a chance to get trolled by Robert Downey Jr.

At halftime, an amazing - and amazingly brief - teaser spot for the upcoming Iron Man 3 promised fans a chance to see "an extended look" over at the movie's official Facebook page.  Heading to said page delivered exactly what the studio promise: Tony Stark, giving you an extended look. also features Gimli son of Gloin Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin crushing some nuts with his hands, which would have been a great tie-in for Emerald Nuts to jump in on.

Props to Paramount and Marvel for having a sense of humour with the trailer.  May 3rd can't come soon enough!