Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There are 12 models of Cylons, but only one Cylon engagement ring

It's well known that geeks are an enterprising lot when it comes to weddings and engagements - specifically, in the jewelry department.  

The glorious Legend of Zelda triforce ring started the trend - which was continued by an Indiana Jones engagement ring, and - lest we forget - the matching Legend of Zelda wedding bands... but where's the modern sci-fi in all of this?  

Sure, there's been a Star Trek engagement ring and an R2-D2 engagement ring, but those (while undeniably iconic) hardly qualify as "modern".  Michael Morange saw this as an oversight, and decided to rectify it when it came time to propose.  Taking his grandmother's wedding ring to a jeweler, Moragne created the ultimate Battlestar Galactica engagement ring.


Like most risky engagements and engagement rings, it's best to know that your fiancée-to-be's taste is lined up with the ring in question before you begin funding the design.

Considering that Moragne met his fiancée at a Battlestar Galactica party, it was safe to assume that she'd be on board with the amazing design.  Now, the lucky girl can say that she's going to get her toaster cleaned every time she drops the ring off at a jeweler's for polishing and buffing.

Moragne's inspired design was brought to life by the talented Craig Elliot, who added the small ruby on the side of the Centurion Cylon's face to serve as the eye.  I would have opted for a Caprica Six face on the side of the ring myself, but then - I've always been something of a romantic.