Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There's a Battlestar Galactica LARP happening... set on an actual battleship

Yesterday's post about the Cylon engagement ring made me realize just how much I miss the reboot of Battlestar Galactica.  There was something about the actors, sets, and story that made me wish I could live in their Cylon-infested world, if only for a weekend.

Now I, and other BSG fans, will have that chance at a Battlestar Galactica LARP happening in Sweden this March that takes place on an actual battleship.

Can I get a frak yeah (and a ticket to Sweden?)!

Gaius Baltar fails a critical Saving Throw vs. Sideboob

Wired reports that the LARP will be run on the cold war era destroyer Småland over the course of a weekend. Like most LARPs, it will be a pay-to-play affair.

The scenario for the game is called The Monitor Celestra and takes place between the pilot miniseries and first season of the show. Events kick off after a botched FTL jump separates the Celestra from the rest of the disheveled fleet of survivors, leaving them isolated and lost - if not entirely alone.

Because the LARP is set in Sweden, LARP organizers will be drawing on the country's most abundant natural resource - tall, beautiful, blonde women - to fill in as illusionary Caprica Six Cylon models who will interact with certain PCs lucky enough to wind up on the receiving end of her signature red dress.

Unfortuantely, the LARP will not be a cheap affair.  While organizers provide you with a costume and character to play, the amount you pay determines how fancy and prestigious your character is. The A class of characters (Refugees, Civilians, Suits, Politicians) will cost you ~$375 for the weekend. B class characters (Celestra Crew, Scientists, Colonial Military Ensigns) jump to $435, and the elite C class (Officers, Marines, Security Forces, Pilots) will set you back $530 for the weekend.

Factor in roundtrip airfare to Gothenburg, Sweden (~$850 from the New York area) and it's not exactly a cheap weekend.  For serious BSG fans, however, spending $1,500 to live out their sci-fi fantasies in the cold metal halls of a decommissioned destroyer is a price most could probably justify - heck, it would even make for a memorable honeymoon.

If you're looking to sign up, or want to drool over the possibility of attending, there are three LARP weekends available in March each promising 32 hours of tense human-vs-Cylon action.  Head over to The Monitor Celestra page to find out more!