Monday, March 11, 2013

Another case of father knows best - dad hacks Donkey Kong so daughter can play as Pauline

We're barely three months in to 2013, and there's already a strong nominee for Father of the Year.

Following in the footsteps of Mike Hoye, who famously hacked The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker so his daughter could play as a female hero, YouTuber Mike Mika decided that his daughter didn't have enough video game protagonistas to choose from.

Adhering to what I can only assume is The Unspoken Code of Dads Named Mike, Mr. Mika decided that the best way to fix this issue was to hack the retro arcade classic Donkey Kong so that his daughter could play as Pauline.

Mika's hack represents a fairly huge step forward for Pauline, whose previous contributions to the game consisted of her waiting at the top of a given level to be rescued by Mario. Now after Mika turned the tables, Mario sits perched on the top of each level - staring uselessly towards stage left, waiting for his princess to come and rescue him.

Admittedly, Pauline isn't doing much in the way of heroism past jumping over barrels and climbing ladders... but that owes more to the limited nature of the game than anything else.  Outside of inspiring a generation of gamers (and a rather compelling documentary), Donkey Kong really isn't the most meaty of classic games.

Still, Mika's hack is an amazing showing of fatherly love and devotion.  By cracking open the code of a decades old game, Mika finally gave Pauline a much needed jolt of agency and let Mario take a break and work on his rapidly expanding gut.

Now, if only someone could hack Super Mario Brothers so you could play as other characters.

Oh, wait...