Friday, March 22, 2013

Boy Without A Fairy is the best Ocarina of Time hip-hop album you'll hear today

Many Zelda fans rightly consider The Ocarina of Time to rank as one of the best games created to date, so it's no no surprise that it would inspire a legion of fan films, cosplays, and nerdcore rap albums.

The latest of these rap ouvres to Link, Zelda, and their magical flute comes from nerdcore dark horse Dr. Awkward who some might remember from his 2010 album Unlimited and its undeniably geeky track Otaku Girl.

Since the release of Unlimited Dr. Awkward has wandered to and from the nerdcore scene, but his latest EP - Boy Without A Fairy - puts him squarely back in the realm of geek rappers and establishes him as a triforce to be reckoned with.

Granted, Boy Without a Fairy isn't the first hip-hop album to be inspired by Ocarina of Time and it probably won't be the last.  Also, while enjoyable and extremely well-written, it lacks the polish and production values that Random has rolled out in his latest releases.

Yet neither of these factors means that Boy Without A Fairy is a bad album - in fact, the exact opposite is true.  Dr. Awkward's rapping is smooth and steady throughout the EP's eight tracks, and the remixing of classic Ocarina of Time themes like Kokiri Village and Gerudo Valley feel strangely at home on the album's 20 minute run time.

If you're looking for some new nerdcore to rock out to this weekend, or you can't get enough of people rapping to the timeless story about a boy standing up for all that's good in the world to rescue a princess, you can download Boy Without a Fairy from Dr. Awkward's site for the low price of... well, whatever you feel like paying for it.

But you'll be cool and support an indie artist and pay more than a buck for it, right?