Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Knights of Badassdom will be screened for buyers today... in a heavily edited state

What a long, strange trip it's been for Knights of Badassdom.  Completed back in 2011, the movie about LARPing stars just about everyone that a geek could hope for (Summer Glau, Jason Stackhouse, Abed, Tyrion Lanninster, etc.) but still hasn't made its way into theaters.

A year passed without an official release and people began to get nervous that the project was being canceled. It turns out that the truth may even be worse than that.

Yesterday, I was emailed by an anonymous source who had a good amount of information on IndieVest (the company that purchased rights to Knights of Badassdom). Apparently, the film is going up to auction today for potential buyers at 7:30pm PST at AMC Century City, but the cut of the film is not the finished one that fans were looking forward to.

Instead, the conspiracy manifesto (which has since been updated) claims that IndieVest and MediaSociety CEO Wade Bradley has gone on a one-man campaign to change, edit, and otherwise alter the version of the film that fans saw at Comic Con almost two years ago.

In the history of the film's languishing in post-production, IndieVest fired the film's producer and writer and applied several edits to the film without the original director (Joe Lynch)'s permission.  Worse, the IndieVest edit reportedly removed closed to 20 minutes of finished footage and applied "significant changes" to the original story and concept.

There is hope, however, that fans might see the film they've been hoping for.  The original Knights of Badassdom team met with IndieVest earlier this year in an attempt to take possession of the film again.  This shouldn't be difficult as IndieVest isn't in the best of shape at the moment, but it appears that it's not keen on relinquishing rights to the film.

Instead, Badassdom is being screened for potential buyers in its heavily edited state in the hope of offloading it quickly.  A reactionary movement the REAL Knights of Badassdom is raising awareness of this fact and is urging buyers to return the film to Joe Lynch so that it can be restored to something resembling the 2011 Comic Con edit.

With luck, the film will find a buyer today who's aware of the issues surrounding the movie and who will bring Lynch back on board to finish it.  There's no guarantee that this will happen, but it seems like the last shot fans have at seeing the movie that they've been stalking for the past two years.